The 10 Best Fishing Charters & Tours in San Francisco

The 10 Best Fishing Charters & Tours in San Francisco 2023: If you’re planning a fishing trip in San Francisco, there are plenty of excellent options to choose from. Selecting the right one is essential for making your experience memorable and enjoyable.

SoleMan Sportfishing offers half and full day fishing charters on San Francisco Bay and outside the Golden Gate for king salmon, halibut, rockfish, sturgeon and sharks. Six gill, thresher, leopard and giant seven gill sharks can be found in abundance within these Bay waters.

Chinook Salmon whole boatday fishing trip

Are you in search of an exciting fishing trip on the Bay? Captain David’s Fishing Charters offer exactly that! He will take you to various offshore locations where you can experience some of the finest fishing the city has to offer, while making sure all necessary gear is provided onboard. This trip is sure to please even the pickiest angler!

As you embark on your boat adventure, you can select from an array of rods and reels designed to help you catch fish. Plus, the crew will clean and fillet your catch for you once the trip is over – leaving all that is left for you to do is have fun!

Early spring is an excellent time to target Chinook Salmon spawning in San Francisco bay with drift mooching or trolling rigs.

King salmon are easily caught throughout the bay and have become a major draw for fishermen. These fish range in size from 8 to 45 pounds and are renowned for their impressive fighting prowess.

Captain Steve fishing charter boat

Summer is charter boat season in the San Francisco Bay Area, but due to record fuel prices many captains are having to raise their rates. On the plus side there are still plenty of fishing charters available – just make sure you book early!

Fishing is one of the best activities for adults to de-stress and unwind. Additionally, it allows you to spend quality time with friends and family.

Steve Gutierrez has been fishing the San Francisco Bay for five years as a licensed captain. His specialty lies in largemouth bass fishing, and he will do everything possible to help you bring in your trophy catch.

He offers half-day and full-day trips with several packages to choose from, including quality tackle (right and left-handed), artificial baits, cold soft drinks, and water.

He guides out of a 1973 twenty-three SeaCraft powered by a Mercury OptiMax outboard motor, designed for smooth sailing in Fishers Island Sound and beyond. This boat is perfect for flyfishing and comes complete with the latest electronics.

great trip species of shark6-pack boats

One of the great attractions to San Francisco is its world-class sportfishing. During summer months, anglers can expect to catch some big silver fish like salmon, halibut and striped bass off Fisherman’s Wharf. You don’t need to be an expert fisherman to have an enjoyable time on the water; all you have to do is find the right company!

To successfully navigate the Bay Area waterways, it’s best to find reliable and experienced guides who know everything there is to know. By doing so, you will receive personalized service with the highest level of expertise and customer satisfaction. Plus, you will have access to cutting edge technologies and fishing hotspots like never before. Plus, with access to a large fleet of top-notch boats plus experienced captains who can help navigate its intricacies. Ultimately, you will leave with lifelong memories and an enhanced knowledge of its waterways.

king salmon tackle shop half-day trip

No matter if you are just starting out or an experienced fisherman, this half-day fishing trip will be a thrilling and unforgettable experience for everyone. It’s the ideal way to spend some quality time on the water with family and friends, offering everyone an enjoyable fishing trip they won’t soon forget.

King salmon are one of the most sought-after and sought after species to catch in San Francisco Bay. These salmon spend a considerable amount of time in the bay before heading upstream to spawn.

Trolling is the best way to locate these fish. Many charters offer this type of trip.

Another successful way to catch king salmon is fly fishing. The key to successful fly fishing lies in matching the hatch and presenting your fly at precisely the right time.

You can achieve this look using a variety of fly colors: pink, orange, red, silver and neon green. Tieing salmon roe in small gage netting also adds interest and color to your presentation.

San Francisco skyline fishing grounds

San Francisco is one of America’s premier fishing destinations, boasting both ocean and bay fishing within easy reach. Nowhere else in America can compare to San Francisco when it comes to recreational fishing opportunities.

Fishing from piers in San Francisco offers the chance to catch a variety of species while taking in stunning views of the water. Whether you’re casting for crabs, king salmon, striped bass, or halibut – there are plenty of excellent piers to choose from.

For those seeking shoreline access, Candlestick Point State Recreation Area and two piers near the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge offer plenty of choices. You’ll find a variety of fish species here such as salmon, striped bass and halibut; make sure to visit California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website to learn more about fishing regulations in the Bay Area.

For something extra thrilling, hop aboard the big yellow and red Rocket Boat at Pier 39! This ride is suitable for all ages and a must-try for any family visiting San Francisco.

Captain David first trip

Captain David King at Warrior Poet Sportfishing offers an unbeatable fishing experience. With over 25 years of expertise, he knows all the best spots to fish around San Francisco Bay. Book your trip today!

He boasts an excellent reputation in the industry as a hardworking, dependable, and entertaining guide. This makes him suitable for both experienced professionals and novices alike – making him the ideal guide!

His company provides both half day and full day trips from San Francisco’s Hyde Street Pier. He also takes customers to nearby waters of Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, Berkeley, as well as other Bay Area locations.

His 34ft Pelican Bay Boatworks vessel is outfitted with twin 225hp Volvo Penta engines for smooth and speedy rides. She also comes equipped with GPS, fishfinder, icebox, and other safety gear – making her ideal for large groups.

great day best fishing

One of the best ways to ignite your fishing enthusiasm is a day on the water with an experienced guide. Thankfully, there are plenty of them in and around Chicago; you don’t have to break your budget for top quality guided fishing tours at these prices – they’re usually only $1 per hour and quality matches their price point. A seasoned pro can get you up and running quickly on the water, then have you back dry land before long. A little research and planning goes a long way when it comes to these matters.

fisherman’s wharf

Fishermen’s wharf has been an iconic landmark of San Francisco’s fishing culture for generations. Here you’ll find a handful of vintage boats still plying the waters in search of Dungeness crab, scallops and halibut.

This traditional San Francisco fishing fleet is still active today, run by descendants of those who came to this city during the 19th century. Its piers, restaurants and shops are part of its heritage as well as one of its top tourist attractions.

Even if you’re not a fisherman, taking a boat ride on the harbor can be an enjoyable experience. You’ll see many classic Monterey Hull craft being piloted by third generation fishermen who have passed down their skills to the next generation of commercial fishermen.

You should also visit the Bayside History Walk with its historic signs along the water. These informative, educational signs will tell you about the area’s past and what makes Fisherman’s Wharf so unique.

The 10 Best Fishing Charters in San Francisco CA

The Bay and coastal waters surrounding San Francisco offer some of the finest sport fishing in the world. Here you’ll find rockfish, salmon, striped bass, halibut and sturgeon in abundance.

Guide services and charters offer great opportunities for a memorable day on the water, but it’s important to select one that meets both your requirements and budget.

Private charter San Francisco fishing charters

San Francisco CA is a wonderful city to visit for many reasons, but one of the greatest assets it offers is its incredible fishing. There are plenty of reputable sportfishing charters in and around San Francisco with years of experience and eagerness to put you on some big fish.

Fishing trips are the ideal way to stay fit, disconnect from technology and enjoy some time outdoors in the sun. In particular, salmon fishing has been proven to increase vitamin D intake which could have positive effects on your health.

Are you searching for a half-day excursion or full day adventure in San Francisco? A private charter boat is sure to meet all your needs. These vessels come fully equipped and can be chartered exclusively for you and your family or friends.

Ms Marin operates year-round, offering shared tickets and private charters for a variety of species such as sturgeon, halibut, flounder, rockfish, lingcod, striped bass and white seabass. Plus, they offer deep sea fishing trips where you can spot sharks, leopard sharks and king salmon! All fishing trips are guided by an experienced captain who knows San Francisco Bay and ocean waters inside-out.

striped bass salmon fishing Farallon islands

Anglers in the Farallon Islands near San Francisco can enjoy fishing near these idyllic islands. These waters are renowned for their striped bass, white seabass, and other fish species.

Striped bass fishing in this region is best done during summer when the fish are most active. However, you can also catch them during winter and fall.

Fish for halibut and sharks during these seasons for an exciting trip that you won’t forget!

In San Francisco, there are plenty of charters that offer fishing services. You can pick the one that best meets your requirements and budget.

For example, you can book a private charter just for yourself and your group or share the boat with other eager anglers. Additionally, an experienced guide is available to assist with your fishing adventure.

The Farallon Islands make for excellent fishing, particularly during summer. Here, the fish are highly active and eager to take your bait.

bay area full day trip most popular trip

Angel Island is a beloved destination for both locals and tourists alike, boasting breathtaking 360 degree views of San Francisco’s skyline, Marin County headlands, and Mount Tamalpais – making it an ideal day trip.

Monterey Bay’s bayside playground exudes carefree fun in the sun vibes. It’s a popular destination for visiting families with its world-class aquarium and Cannery Row as its top attractions.

Monterey offers many other exciting daytrip options. The city boasts a charming downtown with shops, galleries and restaurants that make for an enjoyable stroll.

For a more adventurous day, Muir Woods National Monument is the perfect choice. Explore some of America’s tallest redwood trees on your own or join an organized tour that visits Muir Woods plus Sausalito.

Stinson Beach is a popular summertime destination just 23 miles north of San Francisco, offering wide sandy beaches and downtown filled with family-friendly restaurants for an enjoyable day trip that feels like you’ve taken a real vacation.

fishing license golden gate bridge Dungeness crab

Dungeness crab is a beloved holiday tradition in the Bay Area, but before they make it onto our plates they must make an epic journey. From their home in the Pacific Ocean they travel at least 20 miles down to San Pablo Bay before turning around and making another 20 mile trek along its bottom up until they reach Golden Gate.

Over the last few years, however, this journey has been hindered by toxic scares, strikes by fishermen and marine mammal protection groups. Recently, California Department of Fish and Wildlife is once again postponing commercial crabbing due to concerns for migrating whales that could get entangled in fishing gear.

Local crabbers are seeking a solution that would protect the iconic crustacean and the $51 million industry it supports. A group of fishermen, scientists and conservation organizations has proposed an ordinance that would limit traps on the Bay.

San Francisco bay area leopard sharks

San Francisco Bay is home to one of California’s most common shark species: the leopard shark. These long-legged predators live year-round in shallow waters of bays and estuaries, where their snouts dig in sediment to feed on shrimp, worms, fish eggs and other creatures.

Leopard sharks become especially active during winter months when schools of herring move into shipping channels at depths of 30 feet or deeper, providing anglers with a prime target for fishing herring. Even after the fish leave the area, leopard sharks continue to feed and provide excellent action – making them an excellent choice for fishermen at any time of the year.

This year, however, a sudden dearth of leopard sharks and bat rays – both related species within the family Elasmobranchii – has raised alarm among local marine experts. It appears these animals have contracted an infectious parasite which is attacking their brains. And it’s believed this pathogen is spreading due to this year’s record-setting rainfall which has left large areas of stagnant water in the Bay that could serve as breeding grounds for fungus.

great time special event fishing adventure

At Outer Limits Charters, we take great pleasure in hosting special events for our customers. Whether it’s a classy night out on the town, family reunion or work related get together, your experience is sure to be one of a kind. With your choice of two or three experienced captains with excellent customer satisfaction rates and retention rates, they are more than willing to share their knowledge of local waters with you and your crew.

Pacific Ocean novice anglers private fishing chart

The Pacific Ocean provides some of the world’s finest sport fishing opportunities. It’s an ideal location for both novice and experienced anglers looking to hone their skills.

Planning a trip, whether for yourself or with friends, requires having all of the right information to guarantee success on your adventure. For instance, you’ll need an experienced fish-catching guide and boat with good visibility.

Another essential item you’ll need is a book that provides specific tips and techniques for the type of fishing you plan to pursue. For instance, if targeting tuna in the Pacific, then you need to understand how to prepare bait, what lures work best, etc.

Experience an unforgettable vacation by visiting Costa Rica for a scuba-fishing expedition with a local expert. This idyllic island nation has earned itself a reputation for its excellent sportfishing opportunities and top-rated hotels and accommodations along its coastline – perfect for family-friendly vacations!

half day sport fishing best time

The San Francisco Bay area provides fishing opportunities for a variety of fish species. Some more unique varieties include sturgeon, striped bass, salmon and rockfish. Charter companies provide half day and full day options.

Spending a half day fishing trip is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon on the water with family and friends. Enjoy stunning views, sip some cocktails, and reel in some delicious bay area seafood while having some fun.

Experience one of San Francisco’s premier sport fishing adventures aboard the Wild Wave. Their crew is highly experienced and the boat is well equipped with all of the latest technology for maximum success. They have earned a stellar reputation for providing fun and educational trips, along with an impressive track record for customer satisfaction. Whether you are new to fishing or an experienced veteran, they have a charter that is suitable for everyone.

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