Tanner Jeannot Stats 2023

Tanner Jeannot Stats 2024

tanner jeannot stats

Tanner Jeannot Stats

Tanner Jeannot Stats 2023: Tanner Jeannot has been one of the top scorers in fantasy hockey this season, scoring 22 goals and 39 points. After joining the Nashville Predators last year, Jeannot should see plenty of time in the bottom-six this year.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have acquired Jeannot from the Nashville Predators in exchange for defenseman Cal Foote and five draft picks, including a 2025 first round selection.

1. Goals

Tanner Jeannot is an exciting young forward for the Nashville Predators and a great fantasy option to keep an eye on. He leads his team in goals this season and ranks sixth overall in points.

In addition to his scoring prowess, Moose Jaw Warriors’ captain Michael Rooney is an exceptional defensive player with an admirable work ethic and devotion to the game. This year he earned the Moose Jaw Warriors’ Strength & Conditioning Award – an apt recognition for someone who always seems to go the extra mile than anyone else on the ice.

Though he doesn’t score as many goals as he used to, he’s been highly productive this season in terms of assists. Additionally, he’s a reliable presence in the Nashville lineup and could be an excellent addition for your roster next season.

According to Adam Schefter’s report, the Tampa Bay Lightning have acquired Tanner Jeannot from the Nashville Predators in a trade. To acquire him, they will send defenseman Cal Foote to Nashville in exchange for 25-year-old left winger.

This is a sign that the Lightning are looking to enhance their bottom-six forward core as they aim to compete for a Stanley Cup this coming season. After recently losing in the final against Colorado Avalanche, they’ll be hoping Jeannot can contribute at an elite level in their new environment.

Last season, he had 24 goals and 17 assists in 81 games for the Predators. While his production this year hasn’t quite kept up with last year’s level, he still managed to score five goals and provide nine assists in 56 contests. At 25 years old, he’s in his final year of a two-year contract and will become a restricted free agent this summer.

2. Points

On Sunday night, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Nashville Predators completed a high-profile trade that saw them receive an excellent reward for pending RFA forward Tanner Jeannot. In exchange for Cal Foote and five draft picks – including a 2025 first rounder – the Lightning gained access to the hardworking left winger who was expected to play a larger role on their team this season.

With 14 points in 56 games this season, Jeannot is a reliable fantasy option with his all-around game and high-end physicality that should help boost his value in formats that reward tough play. However, his struggles remain, so the Predators may look to move him before the trade deadline unless they can find an appropriate partner for the deal.

Jeannot has been on fire of late, scoring two goals in his last four games. As such, he’s worth keeping an eye on as a potential top-six scorer for the Predators. Additionally, Jeannot makes for an ideal playoff pick as he will likely see more ice time during those contests.

3. Assists

Tanner Jeannot is one of the more physically gifted players in the league, which has helped him establish himself as an important part of the Nashville Predators’ bottom six forward core. As such, he makes for an excellent fantasy option on teams that reward tough play and will likely become a valuable pickup off your league’s waiver wire when he becomes a restricted free agent this summer.

On April 2, the Tampa Bay Lightning acquired 25-year-old winger Tyler Myers from the Nashville Predators in exchange for defenseman Cal Foote and five future draft picks, including a conditional first round selection. Myers should add depth to their forward group as they aim to reach the Stanley Cup Final this season.

He has scored one goal and registered three assists over his last five games, marking one of his best offensive runs this season. With four goals and 12 points in 47 games played this year, the forward is off to an excellent start.

Tanner Jeannot had an impressive 24-goal, 41-point season in his rookie year but has struggled to maintain that pace this season. With only 14 points in 52 games so far this year, it doesn’t bode well for Tanner’s future prospects.

On Saturday night’s 2-1 victory against the Jets, Jeannot recorded an assist and two hits while remaining out of the penalty box for a second consecutive game. Additionally, his plus-minus for the contest stood at +2.

As a rookie, he scored 24 goals and provided 17 assists in 81 regular-season games. Although his production may have declined this year, his overall production should still be strong enough for him to become an important depth winger in leagues that reward tough play.

Jeannot was an integral part of the Predators’ Stanley Cup run in 2017-18, scoring eight points in 23 postseason games. With his strong offensive skillset and high-end physicality, he could become a regular top-six winger in the NHL.

4. Power Play Goals

After a successful season in the AHL last year, Tanner Jeannot made his NHL debut this season with Nashville. Throughout his tenure in the league, Jeannot has been an impressive contributor on both sides of the ball: on power play and penalty kill alike; scoring five goals on the power play this year to become an integral part of their offense.

He’s been an impressive defensive force, leading the team with 51 blocked shots this season. Additionally, his size makes him a natural fit for the Lightning as they look to bulk up both sides of the ice.

On Sunday, the Lightning acquired Jeannot in a trade that sent Cal Foote and five draft picks, including a 2025 first rounder. It was an intelligent move by them as they needed another winger in their bottom six lineup. In the end, however, they received more than they bargained for with this trade.

5. Goals Against

Tanner Jeannot has been the Predators’ standout player this year, ranking sixth on the team in points and second in penalty minutes. That makes him an attractive option for fantasy owners looking to add him into their lineups.

On Sunday, He scored a goal and added two assists in the Predators’ 5-4 win over Philadelphia that moved Nashville into a tie for eighth place in the Western Conference standings. His hard hit on Hayden Hodgson in the third period set up his game-winning goal, as well as finding time for some sparring during play.

This season, he has scored 22 goals and amassed 41 points in 81 games, averaging 1.33 shots per game to become the second-leading scorer on the Predators’ forward depth chart.

Jeannot is not only a great scorer, but an equally effective playmaker on defense as well. This season he’s particularly effective in a top-six role and boasts an average plus-minus of +5 when at even strength.

On the contrary, his shooting percentage is a major issue as he has only scored four goals on 20 attempts this season. Nonetheless, his overall numbers look promising and there should be ample room for growth as an NHL player over the next year or two.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have successfully acquired Jeannot, a highly sought-after trade target. For just $25 million, they sent Cal Foote and five draft picks to Nashville in exchange for the star winger. While this deal has certainly caught some attention, it’s essential that you weigh all potential outcomes before jumping ship. https://www.youtube.com/embed/O_G0-OT5qCQ

cal foote tampa bay lightning

Cal Foote Tampa Bay Lightning

Cal Foote was selected 14th overall by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. His stellar play has earned him a chance to play for one of the league’s elite teams.

His hockey IQ is growing and he’s learning how to utilize his large frame effectively. Additionally, he’s working on playing physically without getting too dirty.

He has a good shot

At the time of Cal Foote’s draft by Tampa Bay Lightning, they believed they had found a long-term top-four defenseman. Unfortunately, over time he has struggled to make an impact in their lineup; being healthy scratched multiple times this season and mostly playing bottom pairing minutes when called upon have been his two primary struggles.

With that being said, he’s already showing signs of improvement as the season progresses. His shot from the point is excellent and he also makes good passes, showing great potential to become one of the top four defensemen someday.

He’s got an impressive physical presence, which is essential in the NHL. Additionally, he works hard and displays excellent instincts when it comes to defending and protecting the net.

Next year, if he makes it to the NHL, he could be an invaluable defensive asset for the Blackhawks. While shooting from the point needs improvement, his ability to check and defend well will be essential in helping the Hawks build up their defensive depth down the line.

He’s still young, so his potential is limitless and should be on the radar of any team searching for a top-four defenseman. Although it would likely cost the Blackhawks a third round pick and some prospects to acquire him, it would be an investment worth making to see what he can offer them in the future.

Moreover, he’s an impressive passer and could potentially help the Blackhawks in their pursuit of the Stanley Cup. After years in the AHL, he needs more opportunities at the NHL level to prove that he can be successful there.

Thus, he could be the best player on the ice during Game 7 in Toronto. His shot from the point will be key for his team’s victory, and he’s been doing an excellent job of defending the net so far this postseason.

He is a good passer

Foote has an excellent hockey IQ and plays well in all three zones. His size allows him to shut down the rush quickly. With his shot, which often results in deflections or rebounds, Foote can generate good offense from the point on power plays. Finally, with excellent positioning on defense and offense alike, Foote will make sure the puck gets put away safely at his disposal.

He may only be 23 years old, but he already has two seasons of NHL experience under his belt and can be an impressive asset to any team looking to add a top-four defenseman in the league. With that kind of potential, he could prove invaluable for any organization looking to add talent in this area.

He possesses a decent slap shot and the ability to put it on target when desired, though he may need to work on his strength a bit more. Furthermore, his positioning and tough defender make him difficult for any opponent in one-on-one competition.

Cal Foote is a big defenseman who could line up on the right side of Tampa Bay Lightning’s blueline. He boasts an excellent passer and the potential to become an excellent NHLer. Additionally, Cal Foote boasts excellent skating abilities which should bode well for any team looking to draft him in the first round.

Foote was a top-four defenseman throughout his WHL career and an expert power play player – 42 of his 93 points coming from the man advantage.

His shooting needs to improve, but he possesses the vision to lead a power play and his skating prowess should make him an appealing pick in the first round. With those skillsets, he could potentially become one of NHL’s top four defenders; however, in order to produce more than what his numbers indicate, he needs to work on strengthening and honing his shot.

Adam Foote’s son, Ryan Foote, is no slouch when the going gets tough on the ice. While he lacks his father’s physical presence, he’s an incredibly smart and reachy player who uses his body to contain opponents and gain position. At 6 feet tall and strong, Ryan boasts impressive shooting range.

He is a good skater

Cal Foote of the Tampa Bay Lightning has been one of the top defensive prospects in the NHL for some time, but his development has not been without controversy. His struggles to make the Lightning’s top six have caused some to doubt his value; however, he has been a consistent performer at Syracuse and should find a way to make an impact this season.

He still has much work to do, but at only 24 years old he should be entering his prime as a bottom-pair defenseman. No matter the progress he makes over the next year or two, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be part of Tampa Bay Lightning’s future plans.

It’s not unheard-of for players with high draft picks to struggle early in their career, particularly if they are the son of a hockey great like Cal Foote.

But the former first-rounder has found a way to overcome those difficulties and progress as an amateur player. After spending years honing his skating in the American League (including 150 games with AHL’s Syracuse Stars), he earned an NHL call-up.

His skating wasn’t perfect during those years, but it steadily improved thanks to the guidance of his skating coach. Through those tough shifts, he was able to put them behind him and focus on what could be improved upon.

Foote believes this was essential to becoming a successful player and it has helped him hone his mental game too. He knows focusing on the wrong things will not lead to progress; thus, he must continue working hard at improving himself as an artist.

He’s also working to enhance his physical play, which has been an area of improvement. Although he’s only 6-5, his size allows him to plow through opponents and disrupt their game – something essential for a defenseman in this league.

He’s also been a great teammate and always steps in when necessary. In fact, his presence has been one of the main reasons why the Lightning have been able to secure victories in their last three games.

He is a good player

Foote is an impressive player due to his strong frame and potential as a shutdown defender. He also possess great shooting range and are proficient passers, making him an invaluable addition to Tampa Bay’s blue line. Foote will continue to develop into an even better defensive player in the coming years.

He has played a lot of hockey and is very good at it. His work ethic and desire to do his best has earned him his admiration, while his intelligence also allows him to make quick decisions.

His skating ability and keen sense of vision on the ice allow him to navigate with precision. Furthermore, he makes accurate decisions based on accurate reading of play and analysis.

However, his skating speed falls below NHL level and he can get into trouble at times. Furthermore, his shot is heavy but not used enough, meaning there are few chances for him to score a goal.

He’s been an excellent defender for the Lightning in the playoffs, appearing in 13 games and showing great leadership on defense. He played a significant role in their victory against Toronto Maple Leafs this season and will likely play an integral role in their Stanley Cup run.

This was an impressive season for him and he is expected to do even better next year. As a defenseman, he should be able to break into the NHL lineup in the near future; he was selected 14th overall in 2017.

As a first-round pick in 2017, he had limited ice time and is still learning the NHL game. To be successful in the NHL, he must hone both his skills and IQ.

His rookie season has been filled with struggles, and he needs to focus on developing consistency. At times he plays exceptionally well for a period of time but then falters for several games. To become a top-four defender in the NHL, he must become more reliable.

His father was a former NHL player and imparted everything he knew about the sport of hockey to Cal. It is important for Cal that he does his best in order to help Tampa Bay Lightning win another Stanley Cup; after having two championships himself, it would be an immense honour for him if that occurs. https://www.youtube.com/embed/PCZ_LPESTcg

cal foote elite

Cal Foote Elite – How to Become a Top-Tier Defensive Player

Cal Foote Elite is an elite prospect with impressive credentials: bloodlines, above-average size and points totals; as well as coming from a team that has produced NHL defenders before. His potential makes him a must-watch prospect.

He has the potential to develop into a dominant shutdown defenseman who can play an important role in the NHL. Although his skating is still developing, he does not allow many goals when on the ice.


Cal Foote Elite was a large kid and his size caused concern when he was growing up. To skate well enough to compete at the NHL level, he had to work hard at it; eventually finding skates that made him comfortable enough to use. It took years for him to find what works best for him and now enjoys skating every day.

He had to develop his physicality. Raised in Colorado by his father Adam Foote – a two-time Stanley Cup winner and former NHL defenseman -, he developed an affinity for sport.

His dad made sure he learned everything he could about hockey and helped him become a successful player. After Cal was drafted by the Lightning in 2017, they moved to Kelowna, British Columbia where Adam will soon be coaching the WHL’s Kelowna Rockets.

Foote was an integral part of the Rockets’ playoff run and one of their top blueliners. His size allowed him to box out opposing forwards and make it difficult for them to get the puck. Furthermore, Foote exhibited quick reading skills and puck movement – a valuable trait in today’s NHL.

The big kid is an adept passer with excellent instincts. His accuracy allows his teammates to take more risks they otherwise wouldn’t.

He was an ideal fit for Tampa Bay, and his talent should only continue to blossom as he matures. With time, he could become one of the top four defensemen in the NHL; however, to achieve that status he must hone both his skating and shooting abilities.

Due to this, his draft evaluations have fluctuated considerably. Early indications have him going as high as the first round, though some analysts suggest he could drop down into the mid-20s.

His size and skating ability give him an edge over other players, but he still needs to improve upon his speed. Without the agility of someone like Tyler Johnson, he needs to develop that speed in order to be one of the top four defensemen in the National Hockey League.


Strength is an integral element of performance in any sport. It helps reduce injury risks, boosts efficiency and allows you to perform at your best consistently over a longer period of time. The stronger your muscles are, the better equipped you will be for high-intensity training sessions.

Strength can be an asset when playing hockey. Not only does it make your team stronger, but it also creates more scoring chances for teammates. A well-developed set of muscles will enable you to perform at a higher level across all aspects of the game – on and off the ice.

Cal Foote Elite is an elite NHL defense prospect who will begin his second season this year. He possesses a high hockey IQ and plays well across all three zones. A fast skater with great reaction speed when under pressure and excellent passing instincts, Calfoote elite stands as an NHL star to watch this year.

The 6’3″, 198lb prospect has a great chance at becoming a first-pairing defenseman in the NHL. His skating speed is slightly below that of an NHL player, but it should improve over time as he works to maximize his stride efficiency and acceleration.

He is an effective two-way defender who can shut down the rush with his active stick and impeccable positioning. Additionally, he’s a superb defensive playmaker, keeping opponents framed up with his reach and quick hands.

Although his goal production could be improved, he possesses enough offensive instincts and vision to quarterback a primary power play unit for an elite junior team. Unfortunately, he tends to rely too much on dump or chip plays; therefore, in the NHL, it would be beneficial for him to add puck rushes into his repertoire.

The 6’3″, 198lb youngster can further hone his already impressive skill set with some work on skating and shooting. He will need to develop the ability to shoot like players twice his size, but if he continues passing the puck and seeing the ice in the same manner as he has with Kelowna for two seasons, there should be no problem finding a role in the NHL.

Defensive awareness

Defensive awareness is a fundamental trait for any defender. This allows them to quickly react when faced with a counterattack and get back into their position when their team launches one. Furthermore, defensive awareness allows them to mark an opposing player if they manage to recover possession of the ball.

Defenders with high defensive awareness are more likely to execute effective stand or sliding tackles on ball handlers and quickly return to their position when the opposition has moved too far forward.

The Lightning boast a number of talented defenders, but Cal Foote stands out among them. He is physically strong and possess excellent hockey intelligence; last year he was one of the top rookie defencemen in the AHL and should only improve in his second season with the Lightning.

He stands 6’4″ and 227 lbs, so he possesses the physical presence to make life difficult for opponents in his own end. Unfortunately, his skating is still developing and requires further work in order to improve it.

Over time, he can improve this weakness. To do so, he must learn how to shut off plays in his own zone and utilize his hockey IQ in order to develop into a shutdown defender.

His dad, Adam Foote, is an ex-NHL defenseman with extensive experience at the highest level. He has imparted to his sons analytical, perceptive and cerebral skills so they are aware of what needs to be done during games.

Cal gets a text message every day from his dad, which gives him great confidence on the ice. He says they send tips, draw pictures on a whiteboard and provide clips of other NHL players for him to watch.

Cal was always on the lookout, always noticing details others might overlook, like players on an opposing team with white tape on their sticks or three left-handed shots in a row on the ice. Growing up, Cal developed into an astute observer of life. He took notice of things others wouldn’t notice such as players wearing white tape on their sticks and seeing things other people missed, like players skating without skates.


Passing is a fundamental skill of the game and must not be overlooked. It enables players to establish connections with teammates and execute quick-flowing maneuvers or combinations that break down defenses. Passing is essential for success on the field.

It is essential to develop passing skill at the right level, as this can have a major impact on a player’s game performance. To that end, incorporate various passing-specific drills into training sessions for optimal effectiveness.

These drills should aim to enhance a player’s technical proficiency while developing their distribution and passing skill. Furthermore, it is essential to incorporate touch limitations into these drills as this promotes better perception-action coupling and quicker decision-making.

One popular drill to develop passing skill is creating a small-sided game (SSG). In SSGs, you can practice distributing the ball with increasing pressure and decreasing available space – providing an authentic training stimulus that may not be replicated in individual-based drills.

SSGs can also assist players in developing the speed and accuracy needed for one-touch passes, which is an invaluable skill in the NHL as it allows teams to play at a faster tempo and is essential for successful goaltending.

Cal Foote was an excellent example of this, as he was able to distribute the puck and score points with great efficiency. Last season he led all Kelowna Rockets defensemen with 57 points and finished top five among all defenders in the Western Hockey League (WHL).

He possesses excellent hockey sense and can play both sides of the puck. At 5 feet 11 inches tall, he’s an impressive skater who pushes it up ice in search of scoring opportunities.

Though he may not possess the physical prowess of his father Adam, who played in two World Cups and three Olympics for Canada, Foote is nonetheless a strong and hardworking individual. A big defender with good reach and hands who can block shots or maintain gap control, Foote also displays excellent first touch to quickly put out offensive opportunities. https://www.youtube.com/embed/jWPQNhjtf_A

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