How K-Pop Star Jackson Wang Wears Earrings 2024

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How K-Pop Star Jackson Wang Wears Earrings

How K-Pop Star Jackson Wang Wears Earrings: Chinese K-pop star Jackson Wang has achieved international recognition through his powerful vocals and captivating dance moves. Additionally, he has an established fashion label as well as endorsement deals with top luxury brands.

Wang is known for his exquisite taste in fashion, so it should come as no shock that he doesn’t skimp on jewellery. In fact, the designer has even been appointed global ambassador by Cartier!


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Chinese pop stars have made jewelry more approachable for young men, with an increasing number of them sporting dressy pieces on-screen. This trend has even caught the attention of luxury brands, who have recruited Chinese stars like Kris Wu to promote their branded diamond watches and earrings in unisex campaigns.

Jackson Wang of GOT7 recently took his fancy to a new level when he earned the global brand ambassador title for French jewelry maker Cartier. The 24-year-old Chinese singer and dancer modelled Cartier’s Juste Un Clou collection – featuring high-end rings and bracelets.

Jackson revealed on Esquire magazine’s “Curated” YouTube series that his favorite piece of jewelry is a red and yellow diamond-encrusted pendant with the Chinese symbol for luck. Additionally, he donned some eye-catching diamond shoelace accessories.

Western cultures typically associate diamonds with marriage proposals and other romantic events, but Chinese millennials and Gen Zers have a much more modern perspective on diamonds. They are less interested in their romantic associations and more likely to wear them for fashion statements.

Jewelry is an increasingly competitive market, and the finest pieces can be hard to come by. Popular fashion pieces include gem-studded tiaras, necklaces and rings with stunning gemstone accents.

Some of these pieces can cost up to US$1 million. That’s why you often see high-end jewelry on display at luxury jewelry shows and events, where jewelers and their designers compete for top honors.

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Jackson Wang earrings have become increasingly popular among young Chinese men who desire something edgy and unique. From pearl or diamond ring earrings to gold necklaces with iced panda pendants, young Chinese men are drawn to these styles as they are believed to be symbols of good luck and fortune in Chinese culture.

These Jackson Wang earrings make the ideal present for someone special or as a treat to yourself! You can purchase them from an established online store that provides a secure payment process.


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Wang has always been known for his affinity for bling, and has often been photographed wearing plenty of jewellery throughout his career. Additionally, he has served as global ambassador for several luxury brands and will launch his own label in 2022.

Jackson is a member of the internationally acclaimed Korean boy band Got7, and his music has been heard around the world. As an accomplished dancer and captivating performer, Jackson has won over fans’ hearts with his expert moves and captivating looks. Additionally, as a singer-songwriter he has collaborated with numerous brands such as Fendi, Cartier and Armani.

On his Instagram account, he often sports monochromatic outfits and adds jewellery to complete the look. He typically dresses in all black with many of his accessories made up of silver.

Silver necklaces are the perfect way to express your personality and add an elegant touch to any ensemble. The metal has been around for millennia, making it a reliable material that endures.

Silver earrings are the perfect choice for any special occasion. They’re lightweight and easy to wear, looking elegant when paired with other accessories like necklaces or rings.

For purchasing Jackson Wang earrings, desertcart is an excellent option. This online shopping portal operates in 164 countries and uses HTTPS technology to secure payments and guarantee a safe purchase. Furthermore, their website boasts a wide selection of products as well as an attentive customer support team to answer any queries.

jackson wang shop

How to Create a History Lesson Using Jackson Wang’s Fashion Line

Jackson Wang, a singer-rapper-songwriter, television host and Got7 member has taken his music skills into fashion design. His first collection ‘The Originals’ has gone viral across various social media channels.

His brand, TEAM WANG, reflects Wang’s philosophy of “Know Yourself, Make Your Own History.” Together with Henry Cheung – co-founder & CEO of Team Wang Design – they strive to realize this ideal.

Shop The Collections

Team Wang Design was founded by Hong Kong-born K-pop star Jackson Wang to offer an eclectic blend of streetwear staples with his personal flair. Catering to his millennial audience, the brand strives to re-imagine everyday clothing with simple yet effective silhouettes.

For Fall/Winter 2021, COOKIES emphasizes comfort with a new collection of staple items. The COOKIES-STANDARD collection consists of 13 items including tees, sweat shirts, jackets and bucket hats in their signature minimalist all-black design with metal eyelet accessories.

This collection offers classic tees, hoodies and jackets with the brand’s logo embossed onto each garment. Additionally, there’s a double-sided bucket hat and long down coat to complete your wardrobe.

As part of K-pop group Got7, Jackson Wang is no stranger to luxury fashion. Since 2018, he’s been a Fendi favourite after releasing his own music video in collaboration with the Italian brand.

He enjoys wearing luxury brands such as Off-White, Jimmy Choo and Gucci and has a fondness for luxury watches and jewellery. In 2019, he was even seen sporting Fendi sunglasses during the Cannes Film Festival.

In addition to his fashion sense, the singer is renowned for being a generous philanthropist who donates an extensive portion of his wealth to charity. This was evident when he won a defamation case in 2019 and donated all of the awarded amount towards helping out those affected by it.

On a trip to Southeast Asia, the singer visited Bangkok and Singapore for promotions of his brand’s SPARKLES – MUDANCE Summer Collection. Currently, MUDANCE Concept Space in Voco Orchard Singapore is hosting a pop-up store until August 31st.

Rapper, singer and creative designer TEAM WANG has embarked on a promotional tour to support his brand. To mark this momentous occasion, they have opened an official pop-up shop in Shanghai as well as having their own website. T-shirts and hoodies from TEAM WANG Design can be bought both online and at stores; additionally they have an active WeChat miniprogram.

Know Yourself

Jackson Wang has made a name for himself as part of K-pop boy band GOT7, but he’s since ventured into fashion as well. This year alone he’s collaborated with brands like Cartier, Ray-Ban and Armani as well as serving as the cover star for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar China and Elle Singapore.

He’s achieved worldwide fame through the release of two successful solo singles and an album with Got7, but recently decided to part ways from JYP Entertainment and is now represented by Sublime Artist Agency, founded by Korean superstar Rain.

Jackson has achieved great success and now earns millions of dollars yearly from endorsement deals with major luxury brands such as Cartier, Ray-Ban and Armani Beauty. Furthermore, his fan base and dedicated social media followers continue to expand.

His immense success and net worth are largely the product of hard work and dedication to his craft. But it’s also a combination of luck and love that motivates him daily.

Our conversation repeatedly focused on his gratitude for being able to pursue what he loves, and it’s this love he hopes to share with his fans through Team Wang, his international record label and independent music projects.

Last month, he unveiled a collaboration with Monet and his estate called Impression, Sunrise. This capsule collection pays homage to the celebrated French artist’s iconic painting in honor of its 100th anniversary.

This collection boasts a black track jacket, T-shirt and vest featuring the iconic artist’s image printed on the back. Additionally, Fendi has joined forces with this label for a limited-edition line of minimalist essentials featuring clean silhouettes in monochromatic hues.

Jackson Wang is driven by his passion for fashion, always striving to break barriers and challenge himself. Whether it’s through Team Wang Design’s latest collection or his own independent works, his mantra remains unchanged: KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY.”

As part of Jackson’s efforts to promote his brand, he recently opened MUDANCE Concept Space at Voco Orchard in Singapore. Decorated in a muted pink interior, the space features pieces from Jackson’s summer collection such as a Hawaii shirt, floral bikini top, beach floatie and tracksuit pants.

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Jackson Wang is one of China’s most beloved K-pop stars and known for his luxurious taste in clothing and accessories. He often sports designer brands like Fendi, Off-White and Jimmy Choo; plus he owns his own fashion label called Team Wang Design which features his distinctive aesthetic. In addition to selling online, there’s also a concept store in Shanghai as well as select stores across America.

Stay Informed

GOT7 member Jackson Wang is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to style. As an international superstar, he’s collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned brands and also has his own fashion line.

Jackson has earned himself a plethora of accolades, from being named one of China’s top singers to becoming the first Chinese solo artist to perform at Coachella this year. Additionally, Jackson is working behind-the-scenes with brands like Louis Vuitton and Adidas on collections and campaigns.

No matter his success, he’s never wavered from his Chinese heritage. No matter where life takes him, the singer never hesitates to show off his heritage by wearing traditional clothes and jewelry.

Over the course of one year, Jackson has launched his own luxury streetwear label – Team Wang Design. The latest offering from the eccentric designer features monochromatic looks with bold monogram motifs in vibrant hues, finished off with signature metal eyelet accessories.

The latest addition to Atelier New York’s high-end collection, the new collection offers tracksuit bottoms, hoodies and tees from US$54 to US$224.

Jackson enjoys taking time out from his new brand to pursue other projects. Aside from music, Jackson is also exploring filmmaking.

He recently released the short film “Magic Man,” which follows the singer’s journey as he explores life with an alter ego. While it may not be as impressive as the best-selling “magic man” T-shirt, this was still an important milestone for both him and his team.

jackson wang album

Magic Man Album Revealed!

Jackson Wang, a Hong Kong rapper, singer-songwriter, fashion designer and music video director has finally unveiled his debut album Magic Man after months of teasers. Finally the GOT7 member has finally delivered on his full-length project after months of anticipation.

Jackson takes his fans on an intimate journey, moving away from commercially successful music and showing them the most vulnerable side of himself. MAGIC MAN is a 10-track album that explores Jackson’s own personal struggles and triumphs.


Blow is an uptempo single from GOT7 member Jackson Wang. It’s the first track to be released from his upcoming album Magic Man, which was previously teased earlier this year.

The song begins with a simple guitar riff that sets the mood, exuding an electrifying 90s rock vibe in full force. As layers of digital and analog sound effects are added, the track builds until reaching its climactic chorus with bolder guitar riffs and intense percussion beats.

This track is an upbeat and energetic dance floor opener. It also serves as an exciting introduction to Jackson’s new persona, which will be revealed on his upcoming album. The music video for it boasts theatrical suspense, choreography and fashion elements – making this track a must-listen for fans of the pop star! Stream it now.


Cruel is the second single from GOT7 member Jackson Wang’s upcoming album MAGIC MAN, due out September 9 via TEAM WANG Records/88rising Records/Warner Records/RYCE MUSIC GROUP. Following up to his debut single “Blow,” which explored Jackson’s human side, “Magic Man” takes viewers inside Jackson’s world.

Cruel not only features a haunting new track, but it also comes with an inspiring dystopian music video set in a world gone up in flames. Jackson’s energetic visuals capture the intensity of this intense moment in real-time and the clip’s choreography is top-notch.

The video features creative direction from Jackson as well as choreography by Vinh Nguyen and Rich Lee (Billie Eilish, Eminem and Lana del Rey). It is reminiscent of a “beautiful mental breakdown”, depicting Jackson struggling to survive in an alternate reality that doesn’t look anything like our own.

Champagne Cool

Champagne Cool is an unreleased track from Hong Kong singer Jackson Wang’s upcoming album Magic Man. This is his third single from the project, following “Cruel” and “Blow.”

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Drive It Like You Stole It

Drive It Like You Stole It is one of the songs from Chinese soloist and GOT7 member Jackson Wang’s upcoming album MAGIC MAN. He recently performed it at a 2022 K-pop Masterz concert in Manila alongside fellow Got7 members Bambam and Treasure as well as former 2NE1 member Sandara Park.

This song’s rock-inspired progression gives it a feeling of liberation. Additionally, its jazz-rock vibe sets it apart from other songs on the album.

This track serves as a reminder that dreams and great music can bring us immense joy. Its message will remain with us long after we’ve finished listening to it.

Jackson has overcome a difficult period in his life to emerge with this album as an even more refined artist than before. Drawing inspiration from various genres like RnB, pop, grunge and punk music alike, Jackson has demonstrated that he can be both multi-hyphenate and capable of bringing their visions to reality.

Come Alive

Jackson Wang, formerly of the Korean boyband GOT7 and now a solo artist, has been crafting music for five years now. Since then, he’s blossomed into one of the most exciting and successful Asian solo artists working in the West today.

After years of self-examination and growth, Got7 star’s new album MAGIC MAN marks an exciting step in his artistic journey. It showcases his coming-of-age story as well as showcases him becoming a more authentic version of himself as an artist.

This album brings together elements of grunge, pop, rock and R&B to tell the tale of a man on his journey of self-discovery. There’s plenty of humor throughout as he uses an array of quirky images that make for an entertaining listen.

The album’s production is truly remarkable, from heavy distorted guitars strummin’ out countermelodies to Jackson’s beautiful falsetto voice. This authentic rock sound enhances Jackson’s performance and gives the album legitimacy that sets it apart from other similar albums in his catalog.

Just Like Magic

Since his debut album MIRRORS three years ago, Jackson Wang has worked hard on different aspects of his career. Musically, he has refined and defined his solo sound while providing listeners with something exciting to look forward to every time.

This album is the product of that growth. Taking a distinct slant from his prior pop releases, Wang has experimented with an alt-rock sound that feels like he’s sneaking into an underground gig wearing fishnets and Doc Martens.

He’s masterfully combined his current sound with his previous influences for delightful results. Songs like ‘Blow’ and ‘Cruel’ sound like they belong in an erotic Victorian fever dream, while ‘Champagne Cool’ is a seductive piece with an addictive bass line and funky rhythm.

Jackson returns to his temptation in ‘Cruel,’ this time with more resources at his disposal. As Creative Director, writer, and movement director for the track, Jackson proves that he can overcome his demons through physical combat or even fire breathing.

All The Way

After being part of K-pop group GOT7, Jackson Wang has chosen to pursue a solo career. His debut album MAGIC MAN was released on September 9 and marks an exciting new chapter for this global popstar.

On his new album, Jackson delves deeper into different music genres and speaks directly to his fans in a more honest manner than ever before. Through it, he hopes to share his journey with others and inspire them to be their most authentic selves no matter what life throws at them.

With his first full-length solo album, global popstar Jackson Wang displays an entirely different side to himself as both a person and singer. His deep vocals and stunning falsettos create an album that is more vulnerable than ever before.

All The Way brings together distorted guitar with modern R&B and neo-rock to create a melancholy atmosphere. The ethereal vocals on this track make it one of the album’s standout songs.


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the yulong armani jackson wang

The Ulong Armani Jackson Wang

The 28-year-old singer, currently on his Magic Man World Tour, has his fans in awe with his humorous remarks and charm. But sometimes they get in trouble too: in one TikTok video you can see him getting mobbed by fans wanting to take a selfie with him.

Eau de Toilette

Jackson Wang is in town, and fans are in for a treat. From 21 to 26 December 2023, he’s hosting events such as an exclusive fan meet, concert, party and album promotion. A TikTok video posted to Jackson Wang’s Twitter account gives us a sneak peek into what scent he’s sporting: an eau de toilette by the brand “the yulong,” which swirls smoky black tea into green facets with refreshing citrus notes.

Armani Beauty currently offers the yulong for RM680 (100ml), so be sure to get it while supplies last as prices are expected to sell quickly. This unique blend of black and green tea extracts takes you on an aromatic journey through Yunnan region’s iconic mountain range with snow-capped peaks and lush flora.

Eau de Parfum

Singer Jackson Wang will be back in Singapore from December 21-26 for a series of events from December 26 – 28, including an exclusive fan meet, concert and party. Fans from across Southeast Asia have come to see what he looks like during their last appearance – and after an exclusive fan meet on TikTok yesterday (December 21), we finally got to find out!

Giorgio Armani’s Yulong Eau de Parfum is a refreshing scent with top notes of mandarin orange, petitgrain and cardamom; middle notes of green tea, black tea, jasmine and orange blossom; base notes of vetiver, ambrette (musk mallow) and iris. This captivating combination combines citrus notes with the intensity of black tea and smoked woods for an intoxicating aroma that exudes natural freshness.

Armani Beauty sells this perfume for RM680 (100ml) at Armani Beauty and other online shopping platforms such as Tangs or eBay. Don’t miss out – grab yours before it’s gone! What better way to show off your signature scent than with Armani Beauty! Let us know in the comments what your go-to perfume is in the comments below.

Eau de Cologne

Jackson Wang fans will want to get your hands on his signature fragrance. In a TikTok video from their meet-and-greet in Singapore on December 21, the singer revealed that he uses Giorgio Armani’s eau de cologne, the yulong. Its notes include Mandarin Orange, Petitgrain and Cardamom; Green Tea, Black Tea and Jasmine; as well as base notes of Vetiver, Ambrette (Musk Mallow) and Iris.

The yulong is one of five collections from Armani Prive, a high-end perfume range available only in limited editions. Each collection is showcased in its own dedicated space with each fragrance paired with blown-glass bottles that capture the essence of each couture collection.

Armani Beauty offers 100ml bottles of the yulong fragrance at a price point of RM680. Last month, Armani Beauty opened an exhibition in Shanghai called “L’Exposition,” featuring five of their haute couture fragrance collections: Les Eaux, La Collection, Les Terres Precieuses, Les Mille et Une Nuits and Les Editions Couture. A number of celebrities attended including Jackson Wang, Elaine Zhong and Tong Yao who donned various Giorgio Armani couture pieces during their appearances at this event.

Eau de Body

Giorgio Armani’s latest fragrance, Yulong Armani Jackson Wang, is a world-renowned classic. This eau de body boasts top notes of mandarin orange, petit grain and cardamom; middle notes of green tea, black tea, jasmine and orange blossom; as well as base notes of vetiver, ambrette (musk mallow) and iris.

This woody, yet fresh scent has a lasting power thanks to its elixir-like fragrance compounds. That makes the yulong an ideal choice for casual or formal events; you can find it at your nearest Giorgio Armani outlet or online through Tangs.

The yulong is an invigorating blend of black and green tea extracts that takes you on an unforgettable sensory journey through one of China’s most beloved landscapes, the Yulong Mountains. We suggest trying a sample first to ensure it suits your personal taste and skin chemistry; additionally, this fragrance has an interesting smell so be sure to give it a try! This latest addition to the beloved collection was formulated by Veronique Nyberg and Julie Masse.

jackson wang perfume

Jackson Wang Perfume Review

Have you missed it? K-pop singer Jackson Wang is in Singapore for an exclusive fan meet, and in this TikTok clip we get to see what he’s using!

Giorgio Armani’s The Yulong Eau De Toilette has long been his go-to scent; it features green tea, black tea and jasmine notes with Vetiver and Ambrette (Musk Mallow) at the base.

Le Labo City Exclusive

In 2006, Le Labo unveiled their exclusive City Exclusive collection to pay homage to some of their favorite cities around the world. These scents can only be purchased within those cities and not elsewhere.

Once a year, Le Labo takes their City Exclusives to another level with this limited-time event that allows customers to purchase full-sized versions of each unique fragrance at any of their boutiques and counters worldwide. You can choose from travel-sized samples and discovery sets as well as 50ml, 100ml or 500ml size options both online and at each lab around the world.

City Exclusives are unique in that they are not premade or blended beforehand; rather, Le Labo’s expert perfumers create each fragrance using only natural oils, alcohol and water – giving off a fresh, clean and sophisticated aroma.

For a simpler shopping experience, Le Labo offers five of their most popular City Exclusives in a travel-sized set for $13 in Singapore until 30 September. You can also shop the scents full-sized versions at Suria KLCC’s stand-alone Le Labo store. Refills for all these City Exclusives can also be bought in Le Labo’s signature glass bottle – ideal for on-the-go folks as it’s lightweight and portable.

Citron 28

Singer Jackson Wang has come to Singapore for a fan meet, concert and promotion of his new album. To mark this momentous occasion, Jackson Wang has been wearing Giorgio Armani The Yulong Eau de Toilette.

This unisex scent features top notes of lemon and ginger; middle notes of jasmine; and base notes of musk and cedar. For those who appreciate a light, refreshing scent, this is an ideal option.

Le Labo’s Citron 28 fragrance offers a refreshing take on lemon that captures the spirit of Seoul – a city “rooted in tradition and history, yet at the forefront of all that is modern and forward-looking.” This balance between creativity and conservatism can be felt through notes such as lemon, ginger, jasmine, cedarwood and musk.

As the 14th City Exclusive scent in their line of City Exclusive perfumes, Citron 28 captures the energy that defines Seoul with a blend of zesty lemon, ginger and jasmine notes that are finished off by intoxicating woody notes of cedar and musk. According to Le Labo, this fragrance “delivers something almost universal and easy to understand – yet remains inscrutable.”

Luckyscent and Le Labo offer small samples of these City Exclusives for purchase, though full-sized bottles only go on sale once annually in their designated city. If you want to take a sensory vacation and discover an unfamiliar city, Luckyscent’s City Exclusive Discovery Sets include 1.5 ml samples of five unique City Exclusives (Amsterdam’s Mousse de Chene 30, Miami’s Tabac 28, Tokyo’s Gaiac 10, Paris’ Vanilla 44, and this year’s Seoul Citron 28) at just $50!

Diptyque Philosykos

Diptyque Philosykos is a beloved fragrance for both men and women, boasting an irresistibly soothing, meditative aroma of fig tree leaves and white cedar. With this vibrant fresh blend of notes, you’re sure to leave feeling relaxed in no time!

This fragrance is available as both an eau de toilette and solid fragrance that can be applied on-the-go. Top notes of fig leaf and fig; middle notes of coconut and green notes; and base notes of fig tree, cedar woody notes round out this unique blend.

Olivia Giacobetti created this perfume in 1996 and released an eau de toilette version suitable for those who appreciate cologne. The edt version comes in a small bottle so it’s portable, perfect for when you need to take your scent on-the-go!

As with most colognes, this one doesn’t last very long on the skin. Therefore, it should be used as a hand lotion and applied to pulse points such as behind your ears, at the base of your neck, in your wrist, inside your elbow and behind your knee. If you have an especially sensitive nose then this fragrance may not be for you; however if you appreciate woody or fig scents then giving this fragrance a try might be worthwhile.

This is an admirably executed tribute to the fig tree, featuring milky fig and subtle green-aromatics in the top notes. Additionally, they use coconut as a note to complement fig in the base notes for an added creamy effect.

A serene, soothing fragrance that will invite you to spend more time outside and take in your surroundings. Harmony is definitely in the air with this one – helping you focus on what matters most while creating a relaxing atmosphere around you.

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle

Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle by Maurice Roucel is a fragrance for both men and women that features notes of lavender, tangerine, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, musk tonic bean, sandalwood as well as notes of guaiac wood and cedar.

This musk-based fragrance has an irresistibly unique and powerful scent, yet it doesn’t linger too long. Additionally, this is a long-lasting perfume, lasting up to 9+ hours.

This fragrance was released in 2000 and quickly gained notoriety among its peers. It comes in a 100 ml bottle and can be found at various retailers; an eau de parfum retailing for $260 USD, EUR195 or PS155.

Twenty years ago, Frederic Malle opened his perfume house to give talented noses a voice. “I wanted them to be authors,” he says. He gave them the freedom to experiment and break away from industry norms that were often filled with cookie-cutter scents created by hired hands.

His creations boast a distinct artistic presence, unlike many of the other fragrances on the market. Rather, they possess their own creative merit that is expressed through their composition and ability to elicit emotions in those who wear them.

Musc Ravageur draws inspiration from Jacques Guerlain’s Shalimar (1925). While it is not an exact copy, it does contain elements of that fragrance to create a unique vision.

Its composition was inspired by the idea of “grown-up Oriental”. This sophisticated, powerful, and intensely sensual perfume can be worn by both men and women alike; it is ideal for those who appreciate musk fragrances but want something more potent than your average sexy perfume.

Tam Dao

Diptyque founder Yves Coueslant has fond memories of the holy forests of Indochina and the velvety, milky scent of sandalwood burning in temples. Growing up in Tonkin (northern Vietnam), holidays to Tam Dao provided him with a welcome respite from Hanoi’s oppressive heat.

Years later, upon returning to Tam Dao for his summer holidays, Yves had the idea of creating a fragrance that captured the intoxicating aromas of the mountain forests he’d explored during those visits. He called this creation Tam Dao and it features one of the most stunning woody scents in their collection – sandalwood.

Sandalwood is an exotic wood that grows in mountain regions and often used in incense. It has a distinctive, deep aroma which can be difficult to replicate through perfumery.

Notes with this design are highly sought after due to their beauty and uniqueness; however, they can also be quite dense and opaque.

Tam Dao begins as a dry, heavy scent that quickly changes to an aromatic sandalwood-rich creamy base. The top notes evoke bursts of cedar but soon settle into rich, resinous sandalwood notes.

This fragrance features rose and myrtle in the middle notes, blended together to create a soft, comforting aroma. Italian cypress adds an evergreen note while cedar, Brazilian rosewood and sandalwood compose the base notes.

This scent is an excellent example of how to incorporate woody notes into a fragrance without overpowering it and keeping the composition interesting. I find it to be truly unique, and I’m certain I will enjoy wearing it when given the chance.

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